September 30, 2014


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So often I find myself wishing I could view life in my household as a spectator. I would probably die of laughter and tears all at once. Yesterday, I was able to view this happiness from the outside-in, and it made my heart full. The Kronks welcomed baby #2 to their nest one week ago today, and the peace and joy in that room was like none I’d ever seen. Bringing a baby home to an older sibling is fascinating. Watching your older children try to make sense of it all is endearing and humorous, loving and nerve-racking. Sweet Sorin couldn’t hide the excitement on his face. What a love. He was so proud of baby Leo. It was just a quiet, relaxing day in their life, so full of love. Thank you Kronks for allowing me to see your happiness through my lens. What a beautiful time.
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