October 16, 2014


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Meredith Santucci_0032Open windows, fresh air, a delicious candle burning, color, great decor. I used to love Fall. That is, until Elsa swept through the midwest last year and changed my tune. What used to be the best season of the year is now the precursor to something we just don’t mention in my house. Winter. (Sigh) With all of this said, however, Indiana is the most amazing place in the Fall. We live in the middle of cornfields. Literally. There are more apple farms than there are grocery stores and there are more fun places for kids to go during the season than there are in the other 9 months combined. It’s amazing!

This weekend, we jumped while the weather was nice and took the kids to Jollay Orchards, the most precious place on this earth. It’s an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, farm and vintage playland all wrapped into a bunch of family fun. I’m savoring every second of nice weather and sunshine. This place is too gorgeous not to.
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