October 28, 2014


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Miracles. It’s as simple as that. They rolled Annie back at about 2:45pm, and around 3:45pm I got to see this through my viewfinder. Skin to skin, lots of smiles and over 10 pounds of perfection here. Nash “performed” for us a little bit more than his sweet, stubborn little sister whose blood sugar was a hair low at first, so Dad got to feed her via syringe for a minute and life was good. One of my very favorite moments was when Nathan held Nash for the first time. Nash opened his little eyes the second the nurse handed him over, as if he was looking for his Daddy. Precious. Cora just wanted to snuggle with mama, but can you blame her? She’s got a beautifully sweet one, on the inside and out. Annie and Nathan, it’s written on the wall. You will make the world’s best parents to this sweet duo. They are so so lucky to have you. Many many thanksĀ for allowing me to see this unfold through the back of my camera. I am so grateful! xoxo
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