November 14, 2014


FILED IN: Family Life

Meredith Santucci_0280.jpgThis past Saturday, I got to spend some quality time with the incredibly charming and adorable Swank Family. Lots of belly laughing,
baby kisses, little fingers on the grand piano and three generations of Larry (that post coming next!) Kristin and Larry Jr.
have two sweet little ones, Taylor (3) and Larry III (aka, Trip – 6m) who had me in stitches pretty much the whole time.
Like, “face hurts from laughing” kind of stitches. Taylor is so full of personality, can beat me at tag (for the record) and plays
a mean rendition of “Let it Go.” Life with this bunch is one happy existence, I must say, and I am so honored to have been
able to capture all of the love that made a gloomy, wet day so cheerful and bright. Thank you, Kristin and Larry. You are a lucky pair! xo

Meredith Santucci_0281.jpg Meredith Santucci_0283.jpg Meredith Santucci_0282.jpg Meredith Santucci_0285.jpg Meredith Santucci_0284.jpg Meredith Santucci_0288.jpg Meredith Santucci_0286.jpg Meredith Santucci_0292.jpg Meredith Santucci_0289.jpg Meredith Santucci_0291.jpg Meredith Santucci_0287.jpg Meredith Santucci_0296.jpg Meredith Santucci_0293.jpg Meredith Santucci_0294.jpg Meredith Santucci_0290.jpg

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