November 23, 2014

Meet the Kellys.

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This weekend I had the pleasure of hitting a local hot spot I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been. How have I not taken my kids here before!? The Potowatomi Conservatory is such a cute place to go visit (and to snag a few pics in the gorg natural light along the way!) My landscape-loving Father-in-Law would be in his element here. Molly and her hubby, Pat (who was proudly supporting “Movember”) have the world’s sweetest crew, Jack (6), Claire (3) and Kathryn (1). They are so stinkin’ loving, I can’t handle it. Jack is the sweetest thing with those two younger sisters and you can already tell he’ll be an amazing big bro down the line. M&P, you guys are incredibly lucky. This little group of yours couldn’t be more charming (open-mouthed kisses and all!) Thank you for letting me into your world for a day! xo
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