December 2, 2014


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South Bend Lifestyle Family PhotographyIt’s that time of year again. You may recall, last year our family attempted the Random Acts of Kindness project (above) throughout the month of December and while a little young, the kids took complete ownership of the daily activities and were able to pull some fun lessons from it all the while. Each day, they pulled a new card from a numbered envelope with a new kind act or happy thought. Some days we went door to door and others we called a family member on the phone. This year, the goal is to brighten someone’s day every day from now until December 25th, whether it be bringing the local fire fighters a box of goodies or saying a prayer for someone you know. I contemplated putting it off until next year since Johnny is now in full day school, but when I saw December 1 on the calendar today, something told me to press forward so here we go. I’ll blog once a week about our little journey!

Day 1: Set up the Nativity Scene at home.

One day, I would love a beautiful nativity scene for the house but right now, this is our version of beautiful. Little People for little hands to interactively learn just what this season is all about.
South Bend Lifestyle Family Photography

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