December 8, 2014


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On the 1st of this month (good timing, eh?) I heard a voice out of left field say, “Are we doing that thing again, mom, where we go to the Fire Station and bring treats?” As I mentioned before, I hadn’t planned on taking the plunge for this project again this year in part because Johnny is now in full day school and we would have a lot less time in the afternoons for all of our fun excursions, but that’s all I needed to hear. I thought, “If he remembered it, we’re doing it.” So, I tweaked our calendar a little bit (a tad subdued) and we set out in hopes of brightening someone’s day each day until Christmas. I really don’t know why I contemplated not doing this again. The kids are such a riot with this project and I leave every. single. day. with a full heart.

Here was the batting line-up for week one:

Day 1 – Set up the nativity scene at home, but leave out the Holy Family.

Day 2 – Collect toys and donate them to a child in need. (my favorite one!)

Day 3 – Take treats to the Police Station and tell the officers “thank you for keeping us safe”. (We brought “safety snacks” and “cop” corn!)

Day 4 – Visit a local grocery store and leave a “Christmas wish” on the windshield of parked cars.

Day 5 – Call someone on the phone and tell them you love them.

Day 6 – Make cookies and surprise the mail carrier with a treat to say “thanks for your service.”

Day 7 – Write a letter to a friend, loved one, teacher or coach telling them “thank you for making a difference in my life.”

Back for another recap next week!

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