December 23, 2014


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South Bend Family PhotographyThis week was an interesting one. The fever flu swept through my house like the plague so I had to call an audible (a few times) and fill our week with kind things we could do around the house. Whew. So glad that one’s behind us, but here’s what it looked like:

Day 15 – Make Christmas/Get Well cards with your friends/classmates for the sick children in the Pediatric unit of a local hospital.

Day 16 – Choose a Christmas Card from those we’ve received this year and pray for the family.

Day 17 – Sing “Happy Birthday” to our very own guardian angel

Day 18 – Make a Christmas card for a soldier telling them thank you for their service and mail it!

Day 19 – Go through your closet and find gently used clothes to give to those in need.

Day 20 –  Do something around the house or in the neighborhood to earn money and give it to the church (tithing).

Day 21 – Be kind to your body by playing outside, going on a walk or doing something active for exercise.

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