September 21, 2016


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I will admit. I am totally guilty of falling down the “shoot and burn” black hole as a client. Paying good money to a great photographer to take lovely photographs of my family and then letting them sit… and sit… and sit… in a beautiful digital gallery…. (gasp) forever. That did me absolutely no good. I made zero strides in printing the beautiful images I paid for to serve as memories we will pull off of our shelves or walk by in our hallways for years to come. And unfortunately, I’m not in the minority. Is this you? Are you the busy mom who pays good money for someone to capture those years that seem to fly and then lets your gorgeous images sit in a drawer or gallery?

I’m excited now to be able to show you exactly what your images will look like on any given wall in your home!

I challenge you. The next time we meet to capture priceless photos of your family, bear in mind what these would look like in your home. On your walls. On your shelves. With the help of a fabulous new software, I’m excited now to be able to show you exactly what your images will look like on any given wall in your home. As you prepare for your session with me, stop to think about what you want out of your photographs. Do you have specific spaces you are trying to fill? What types of moments do you want to look back on and remember your kids by? If I don’t know the answers to these questions before our session, then I haven’t done my job. And I can help take all of the work out of the printing process from helping you choose your favorite images, to showing you what your images will look like on your walls, to designing the perfect gallery wall for you. Here’s to you, Mom. We’ve got this!

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