January 11, 2015

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Once I stopped believing that beauty wasn’t able to be found at home and started to see that home was in fact full of beauty, I started to also see the power photographs had to tell my family’s story beautifully. For me, it won’t be the picture of perfection that I cherish in ten years, but rather the photos of how hard we […]

December 11, 2014

FILED IN: Family Life

Over Thanksgiving I got to cuddle my new nephew for 5 whole days. It was glorious. The last time I got to see him was in July and he’s grown like weeds since. 4 months is just about the cutest baby stage. You get tons of smiles and they start to grab their feet (sigh). […]

December 8, 2014

FILED IN: Personal

On the 1st of this month (good timing, eh?) I heard a voice out of left field say, “Are we doing that thing again, mom, where we go to the Fire Station and bring treats?” As I mentioned before, I hadn’t planned on taking the plunge for this project again this year in part because […]

December 2, 2014

FILED IN: Family Life

Last weekend, I got the chance to turn a dreary, icky day into one happy afternoon with the adorable Anderson family. Sarah, Logan and Pierce (19 months) were so sweet to welcome me into their world before baby #2 arrives this Spring. I truly got to climb into my element and spend a normal weekend […]

November 23, 2014

FILED IN: Family Life

This weekend I had the pleasure of hitting a local hot spot I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never been. How have I not taken my kids here before!? The Potowatomi Conservatory is such a cute place to go visit (and to snag a few pics in the gorg natural light along the way!) My landscape-loving […]

November 14, 2014

FILED IN: Family Life

This past Saturday, I got to spend some quality time with the incredibly charming and adorable Swank Family. Lots of belly laughing, baby kisses, little fingers on the grand piano and three generations of Larry (that post coming next!) Kristin and Larry Jr. have two sweet little ones, Taylor (3) and Larry III (aka, Trip – […]

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